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Why does calling main() inside the body of main() cause an finite loop?

int main()
    printf("\n Sonata Software");
    return 0;
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Or, "recursion". It will run until the stack is depleted. Why wonder? Try it. –  Mahonri Moriancumer Jun 13 at 20:19
main is just a function. You can call the same function within itself, it is called recursion. You should search this stuff in the search bar before asking simple questions. –  Elias Jun 13 at 20:19
recursion...... –  Ajit Jun 13 at 20:19
@user3699872 if you had an infinite computer, it would. –  J... Jun 13 at 20:22
The close-duplicate is wrong. The question is in fact a duplicate of this question. –  Kerrek SB Jun 13 at 21:20

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This "loop" terminates or is "finite" because you keep calling main() from within main(), eventually using up all the stack frame space you have and resulting in a StackOverflow

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This program will not run. Main is not a userdefined function, that you'll call it as function within main as recursion. It'll show some error.

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The rules for C and C++ are different; C allows (or at least, doesn't explicitly forbid) calling main from within the program. –  John Bode Jun 13 at 21:56

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