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From their UI, I can only see it is in AWS us-east-1, anywhere I can find out is it in us-east-1b/1c/1d ?

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As discussed in this blog, availability zones are logical, not physical. So even if we did show which of our account's logical AZs your server was in (we put each server in a cluster in a different AZ), it wouldn't be meaningful to you. Rather than confuse, we leave the information out.

Availability Zones are not the same across AWS accounts. There is a common misconception that an AZ name like "US-east-1a" identifies a specific physical availability zone for everyone. The fact is that AWS can map/remap the same AZ name to different physical availability zones across multiple accounts. The Availability Zone us-east-1a for account A is not necessarily the same as us-east-1a for account B. Zone assignments are mapped independently for each account. This is important when our infrastructure or use cases spans across multiple accounts. Example: Infrastructure provisioned through Account-A and Load Testing Agents are launched through Account-B, and both pointing to "US-east-1a" may not map to same AZ.

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