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I am new to csh. I want to compare the outputs of stat but it is giving me an error if: Badly formed number. Can I convert them to strings and compare? Is there any other way? Thanks!

code is:

set BEFORE_TIME="`stat -c %y /home/a.xml`"

//call cpp program that might change a.xml

#if file has changed do operations
set AFTER_TIME="`stat -c %y /home/a.xml`"

if ( $BEFORE_TIME != $AFTER_TIME ) then   //This comparison is not working
    echo "File a.xml has changed"

    echo "File a.xml has not changed" 
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I feel obligated to point out that csh is widely considered to be a poor scripting language. See "Csh Programming Considered Harmful" and "Top Ten Reasons not to use the C shell". Since you're just starting out, I advise you to switch from csh to sh and/or bash, unless there's a specific reason you need to use csh. (tcsh has some nice interactive features, but bash has most of them, and zsh is even fancier.) – Keith Thompson Jun 13 '14 at 21:59
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The output of stat -c %y ... is going to consist of multiple words, for example

2013-01-27 13:03:03.563041058 -0800

You've used double quotes on the set commands, but you need to quote the reference to the variables as well.

Change this:

if ( $BEFORE_TIME != $AFTER_TIME ) then

to this:

if ( "$BEFORE_TIME" != "$AFTER_TIME" ) then

or to this:

if ( $BEFORE_TIME:q != $AFTER_TIME:q ) then

Note that you'd run into this same problem using a real shell a different shell like sh or bash, and the solution would be the same (except that shells other than csh and tcsh don't have the :q suffix).

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thanks..that was perfect! – PDH Jun 14 '14 at 0:46

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