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I have a problem. When I map the url of my servlet with / as suffix I don't get the css stylesheets or javascript but only the text of my html page. it is really weird. For example

@WebServlet(name = "UserAreaServlet",
            urlPatterns = {"/user"})

In this way I get the page with all the css and js resources


@WebServlet(name = "UserAreaServlet",
            urlPatterns = {"/user/"})

in this way I get only the text without any css or js


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The strange thing is that I see the text but css and js NOT. I'm using java ee 7 – Mazzy Jun 13 '14 at 23:24

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Slash afterwards makes it like a directory which changes the relative path.

Say my structure was:


The relative path to the css from servlet is /css/style.css (because servlet is treated as if its a file directly under myapp)


The relative path to the css from servlet/ is ../css/style.css (because servlet/ is treated as a directory)

(I know in reality, on the filesystem, your servlet is under web-inf and so on, but from the url perspective its directly under the app context as in the diagrams above)

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