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I have a play framework project built by maven and imported to IntelliJ.

The project runs fine and compile with no problem.

However, when I want to see some source code of the Play Framework. For example

public FakeRequest(String method, String path) {
    this.fake = play.api.test.FakeRequest.apply(method, path); 

When I click to the "play.api.test.FakeRequest.apply" , (It said "sources not found"), and displayed me the following file class file under


however, the actual java file is located at


I have tried

  1. Re-import the project , does not help
  2. File -> Invalidate Cache/Restart
  3. cloned a project again from git

But all these approaches didn't solve this problem.

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In Maven toolwindow click on "Download sources and documentation", see You change also change the default in Maven project settings.

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