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I have an odd problem with code that works in Chrome, but not Firefox. For whatever reason, it says that the variable (success) is undefined, even though it is clearly defined before the function is ever called. Take a look:

            var success = function(myStream){
                ownVideo.src = URL.createObjectURL(myStream);
                // create a room
            navigator.getUserMedia({audio: true, video: true}, gotStream, gotError);

After success is defined, I run getUserMedia which, upon running successfully will run gotStream, which will then run success. Why won't Firefox accept the definition of success? Halp.

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Most likely getStream doesn't know what success is. Success appears to be defined in a different scope than getStream. –  dpk2442 Jun 14 at 3:08
You don't show where you are trying to access success. –  Felix Kling Jun 14 at 3:58
You need to pass success as an argument to your function, your function doesn't just know what success is. There could be a million variables in different scopes in your app all called success. –  meagar Jun 14 at 4:02
possible duplicate of how to make getUserMedia() work on all browsers –  Muath Jun 15 at 9:36

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according to mozila,

// you code should be     
navigator.getUserMedia({audio: true, video: true}, success, gotError);

may be, function gotStream is running for chrome.

here is the running sample from Mozila's reference page :

navigator.getUserMedia = ( navigator.getUserMedia ||
                   navigator.webkitGetUserMedia ||
                   navigator.mozGetUserMedia ||

if (navigator.getUserMedia) {
    navigator.getUserMedia (

  // constraints
     video: true,
     audio: true

  // successCallback
  function(localMediaStream) {
     var video = document.querySelector('video');
     video.src = window.URL.createObjectURL(localMediaStream);
     // Do something with the video here, e.g. video.play()

  // errorCallback
  function(err) {
     console.log("The following error occured: " + err);
} else {
   console.log("getUserMedia not supported");
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