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I'm trying to use the play-querydsl plugin with Play 2.3 with no success. I know that the plugin system has changed in Play 2.3, but I'm wondering if there is any way to use an old Play 2.2 plugin with Play 2.3.

The play-querydsl's Installation page lists the following steps to enable the plugin for Play 2.2:

playJavaSettings ++ QueryDSLPlugin.queryDSLSettings

val current = project.in(file(".")).configs(QueryDSLPlugin.QueryDSL)

However, if I understand correctly, there is no playJavaSettings in Play 2.3 (even though it's mentioned in About SBT Settings).

Is there any way to use this plugin from Play 2.3 without changing the plugin?

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It looks like playJavaSettings and playScalaSettings were combined into projectSettings in Play 2.3. This quite annoyingly has a namespace conflict with QueryDSLs projectSettings.

Here's a fresh new build.sbt for Play 2.3 Java:

name := """javatest2.3"""

version := "1.0-SNAPSHOT"

lazy val root = (project in file(".")).enablePlugins(PlayJava)

scalaVersion := "2.11.1"

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(

To add the plugin settings, I had to use the full path of Play's projectSettings to avoid the namespace conflict, adding this line:

com.typesafe.sbt.SbtNativePackager.projectSettings ++ QueryDSLPlugin.queryDSLSettings

This can be shortened with an import, but whatever. Then, instead of adding the second line as stated in the docs, I chained .configs(QueryDSLPlugin.QueryDSL) to the already existing root:

lazy val root = (project in file(".")).enablePlugins(PlayJava).configs(QueryDSLPlugin.QueryDSL)

And it compiles.

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I use a later version (3.3.4) of QueryDSL than the play-querydsl plugin, so I found that I had to put both your suggested lines after the libraryDependencies ++ line or the compiler wouldn't find my newer QueryDSL jar file. Once I did that, everything worked. –  Nathan Jun 14 '14 at 7:38

Version 0.1.2 of the plugin has been released recently. With Play 2.3, enabling it is now dead simple and for the default Java project goes like:

lazy val root = (project in file(".")).enablePlugins(PlayJava, QueryDSLPlugin)

Please note, that QueryDSLPlugin prefix is now no longer used for configuration settings.

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