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I am facing some trouble with a conditional statement that uses cookies in PHP.

I would like to change the state of an image based on whether a cookie is set or not. Here is my code (in file MAIN.PHP):

$cookie = "d_content_vote_".$databaseArray['id']; 
if(!isset($_COOKIE[$cookie])) {
  // display image 1 if cookie is not set
else { 
  // display image 2 if cookie is set

The cookie value (of the timestamp) is set in ../INCLUDES/RATING.PHP, and I make an ajax call to that file. In order to debug, I did a print_r($_COOKIE) in RATING.PHP which gave me this:

    [d_content_vote_1] => 1402726678
    [d_content_vote_4] => 1402727148
    [PHPSESSID] => effa8778efbe1b3dfb5bb301e359997d

However, when I do a print_r($_COOKIE) in MAIN.PHP I do not get the d_content_vote_* cookies, only the session info.

How do I transfer the cookie that is set in rating.php so that I can use it in main.php. I have never faced this problem before.

[Additional info: I'm building the site on a MAMP server now]

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Check if the pages are being cached. –  Iago Melanias Jun 14 at 6:39
Thanks @IagoMelanias, but I am using a local MAMP server and refreshing the cache on every reload so that is not it. –  GK79 Jun 14 at 6:42
$databaseArray. Show us your array –  Iago Melanias Jun 14 at 6:42
Did you print_r($_COOKIE[$cookie]) or print_r($_COOKIE) when you were debugging? –  dpk2442 Jun 14 at 7:45
For what path was the cookie set? Please show your setcookie() code, as the default path will be set for the current script's path not /. Different scripts would therefore not show the same cookies. –  Michael Berkowski Jun 15 at 1:18

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I realised that my cookie was being set and the print_r was done in a file in a subdirectory (/includes) and therefore cannot be used in the root directory. In order to make it work in the root directory, I needed to add another attribute to the function:

setcookie($name, $value, $time, "/");

The last parameter "/" ensures that the cookie can be used in the root directory.

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