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I have tried setting a line-height for sIFR3 in both the sifr-config.js and my web stylesheet but neither seem to apply a line-height?

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I believe you're looking for the leading parameter which corresponds to the flash value, not the "line-height" CSS property, e.g.:

sIFR.replace(fontName, {
        css: [
            ".sIFR-root { background-color:#000000; color:#ffff33; font-size:24px; leading:-10; }",
            ".bottom { color:#FFFFFF; font-size:15px; }",
        selector: "#featured-articles .widget-info p",
        fitExactly : false,
        transparent: true,
        tuneHeight: 0,
        tuneWidth: 0
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Just a note regarding your example code, the background-color is the fallback in case transparency isn't supported, so it shouldn't betransparent itself. –  Mark Wubben Mar 12 '10 at 22:00

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