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Someone just recently hacked my Linux server and installed some software on it. Just to be sure if it was the hacker i want to find out which software were installed and when those software were installed recently?

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You can find the complete log of the software installed in the /var/log/dpkg.log file. You can view it using sudo nano /var/log/dpkg.log

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But there are .gz files with the same name too. Do they also contain the same logs? –  4aRk Kn1gh7 Jun 14 at 8:10
That's assuming a) you're using a Debian-based system (e.g. Ubuntu), and b) that the hacker was polite enough to use the package management system, and not smart enough to delete a few lines of the log file when they were done. –  IMSoP Jun 14 at 8:12
yes they also contain the logs of the installed software history –  user3687034 Jun 14 at 8:12
Actually the hacker exploited an snmp vulnerability in my server. I just had to make sure that everything was fine. That he didnt make any changes. –  4aRk Kn1gh7 Jun 14 at 8:15
Why aren't all the dpkg logs in the same log file. Why are there so many dpkg files there too? –  4aRk Kn1gh7 Jun 14 at 8:16

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