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I read a .txt file using read.table()

 1 1334523578
 2 4332535535
 3 7899854289
 4 1435353587

How can I split this column efficiently to three different columns? First three digits fall into column1, next four digits into column2, and the last column would have three digits. I tried,4,8),c(3,7,10))), function(x) substr(d1$V1, x[1], x[2]))),4,3))
 V1   V2  V3
1 133 4523 578
2 433 2535 535
3 789 9854 289
4 143 5353 587

But, this is not looking good.

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Supposing your dataframe is called df, you can do that also with substr:

df2 <- data.frame(V1=substr(df$V1,1,3), V2=substr(df$V1,4,7), V3=substr(df$V1,8,10))
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