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I am looking for a solution for this problem:

I want to write a program in C# for sending some data to a website using an insert of some data into a form. But I want to change the IP address before sending each set of data.

I mean I want to fake the IP addresses, it is for testing purpose and I want to test large amount of request to my website.

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Already answered here I guess; IP address spoofing using SharpPcap on C#

Download the library and add it to the References of your project, and then take a look at the sample provided in the answer, which is in the link above.

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Hi, thank you for your response, I download and setup the library, but I don't now how to send data using new Ip address. Could you help me ?? –  user3687068 Jun 16 at 10:35
Read the sample provided in the link. –  Odysseus Jun 17 at 11:37
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