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I would like to enforce all request Accept and Content-Type headers to JSON only whatever the client asked for. And, of course, always respond with JSON !

I tried with the following respond_to and before_action filters :

respond_to :json

before_action { headers["Content-Type"] = Mime::JSON.to_s }
before_action { request.format = 'json' }

But when I try to do a POST request on my login route, with no Accept and Content-Type, the concerned controller still processes the request as */*. And if the user set another Content-Type, for example application/html, it still uses this Content-Type instead of application/json.

Started POST "/login" for at 2014-06-14 10:05:16 +0200
Processing by V1::AuthenticationsController#create as */*
ActionController::ParameterMissing(param is missing or the value is empty: user):

Is there a way to do that without too much dirty hacks ?

Thank you,


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