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I have a site on which I am doing credit card transactions.

The issue is this: if user goes to: http://mysite.com and then logic redirects user to https://www.mysite.com, I loose my session data.

As the title suggests, I am using Symfony, version 1.2

Now looking in my apps/site/config/factories.yml file, I added the below, but it didn;t work. Any ideas?

    class: sfPatternRouting
    generate_shortest_url:            true
    extra_parameters_as_query_string: true
    class: sfSessionStorage
      session_cookie_domain: .mysite.com
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Will you consider, redirecting users to http://www.mysite.com, if they request the site http://mysite.com in the first place? So you can have everything under www.mysite.com domain.

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I agree, if you mean "redirecting users to mysite.com –  sjobe Mar 12 '10 at 21:10

http://www.symfonyexperts.com/question/show/id/1 might be what you're looking for

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I tried the .mysite.com param and it didn't work immediately. the reason was simply that I hadn't deleted the existing cookies, and they were interfering.

so just delete all cookies for your domain after adding the param, refresh page, and that 'should' do it.

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