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I'd like to stream video via HTML5 (Flash is not really an option for wide device support) but protect the video as much as possible from download. One method I am looking at is streaming from Cloudfront using signed URLs with a short expiry, eg. 2s. This starts the progressive download and plays OK and prevents manual download of the video (outside of the cache) after the expiry. I could also write some Javascript to deal with seeking to unbuffered regions, eg. regenerating the URL via an AJAX call to a PHP backend, or maybe even trigger on a 'stalled' event?

Does this solution hold any weight security-wise or is it better to eg. stream via PHP?

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There are an opensource project which can help prevent your video from download or stolen but it has a little bit incompatible with some mobile browser. Check it out :


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Please don't only post link answers. Just put the essential parts of your link in your answer –  Rizier123 Mar 1 at 5:26

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