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I have created a setup and deployment project and during installation i want to install jdk. to do that i created a batch file and put the below code to silently install jdk during setup installation.

@echo off   
if not exist "%JAVA_HOME%" (
    echo JAVA_HOME '%JAVA_HOME%' path doesn't exist
goto notfound
) else (
    echo Setting JAVA property to '%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java'
goto found

echo Jdk Allready Installed. run application 

echo JDK not found should install it. 
echo Installation start. 

pushd %~dp0

start /wait jdk-8u5-windows-i586.exe /s ADDLOCAL="ToolsFeature,SourceFeature" INSTALLDIR="%CD%\jdk8u5"

echo Jdk Successfully Installed.

I am able to run this batch file using cmd.exe (added cmd in application folder and using custom action i am running batch with this command /c "[TARGETDIR]batchfile.bat"), but it is not installing jdk.

if i run the batch file manually then it is able to install jdk silently (with first prompting to allow access to change on harddisk). but same batch file is not able to install jdk when it is added in setup.

it is not even failing and not even prompting message to give access to change on harddisk (when it is running from setup).

i am testing it on windows 7.


Note: got some hint, tried to find out if there is any error code and found that its throwing 1618, i google a little and found that this error is for "Another installation is already in progress. Complete that installation before proceeding with this install."

Please tell me what we can do to allow multiple installation in parallel or any other option/suggestion

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