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I have few models:

class Product
embeds_many :items

class Item
embedded_in :product

class Cart
embeds_many :line_items

class LineItem
embedded_in :cart
belongs_to :product
belongs_to :item

line_item.item belongs to Item embedded in Product

Why item from LineItem is always nil?

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this is wrong structure... the embedded documents cannot be referenced in any other model than the parent documents.

as the documentation says

Embedded 1-n:

One to many relationships where the children are embedded in the parent document.

Referneced 1-n:

One to many relationships where the children are stored in a separate collection from the parent document

so there is no way that an embedded doc ( stored as an attribute in some document ) to be referenced as a separate collection ( like the Referenced 1-n relations)..

you can look into altering the models definitions to suite your purposes... take a look at this question which discuss the same problem

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