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I've installed ActiveAdmin on my multi-tenant app (using schemas with Apartment gem). Accounts are in the default 'public' schema and attached users are in subdomains schemas.

When logging into ActiveAdmin, I am using the 'public' schema so I can access the Account table, but the User table is empty because there are no users in the 'public' schema.

Is there a way to list all users from all schemas at once ? Or as an alternative, to have a pull-down menu filter in ActiveAdmin to select one specific schema/subdomain which would then list all users for this schema/subdomain ?

Here's my ApplicationController to give some idea of how the app is handling the multi-schema tables.

Thanks for any ideas :)

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  protect_from_forgery with: :exception

  before_filter :load_schema, :authenticate_user!
  def load_schema
   return unless request.subdomain.present?

   if current_account
     redirect_to root_url(subdomain: false)
 def current_account
   @current_account ||= Account.find_by(subdomain: request.subdomain)
  helper_method :current_account
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Is there a way to list all users from all schemas at once. Only with table inheritance, and that has other effects you may not want. Create a view that is a UNION ALL of all schemas. This is one of the reasons why schema-based multi-tenancy is less than ideal. – Craig Ringer Jun 14 '14 at 11:35
Any luck getting this working? I am in the same boat. – Dan Tappin Feb 14 at 8:01

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