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This program will write 'hello' at the specified position '9' of the file 'test.txt'

program test
end program

Can this position specifier be used to write on terminal?
I want to be able to do something like write(*,pos=9)'hello'

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The standard output is pre-opened as a sequential access formatted file, therefore you cannot use pos.

Why you want this? You can just use an explicit format

write(*,'(t9,a)') 'hello'

Or you can print some spaces before hello. You can even concatenate the spaces and the string.

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when the file already contains something, then the 'pos' will write only at the position specified and will not change other contents. I wanted to do the same on the terminal. Like inserting text between something already printed. Is there a way to go 'back' on screen? –  Edwin_R Jun 14 at 13:07
Yes, using control characters en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Control_character or using some library such as ncurses. –  Vladimir F Jun 14 at 13:22
But it is system dependent, beyond the Fortran standard. See also stackoverflow.com/questions/6792812/… –  Vladimir F Jun 14 at 13:25

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