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I'm building a modular web application which has some Spring components packed inside a jar dependency (different module). This jar also contains some JSP resources like:

 - Module
     + src/main/resources/META-INF/resources/module/*.jsp

Now I want to override a specific JSP using the following structure in my application.

 - App
     + src/main/resources/META-INF/resources/module/menu.jsp

When running the application using tomcat7:run it will sometimes show the overridden menu.jsp but will any subsequent runs will end up with the old one.

Running with tomcat7:run-war was more promising. Most of the runs the new menu.jsp is shown. But when deploying the application to another Tomcat 7 instance the old menu is visible once again.

The menu.jsp is include using pageContext.include("/module/menu.jsp"); which is called by a custom tag.

How can I make this overriding of resources more reliable? I'm totally clueless since it seems to be randomly working. I hope somebody can shed some light here.

Not sure if this is relevant but to be able to use component scanning I need to unpack the jar classes with the following plugin configuration.

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After a lot of hair pulling I came to realize I made a very simple mistake. I have now moved

- App
     + src/main/resources/META-INF/resources/module/menu.jsp

to the location

- App
     + src/main/webapp/module/menu.jsp

and everything works like expected.

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