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I have a basic site structure which has:

  1. A Header div which sits at the top of the screen
  2. Two Sidebar divs for navigation which are floated left and right of the screen
  3. A Content div which is in the middle of the sidebars (no float, it just has a margin left and right the same width as the sidebars so that it clears them)
  4. A Footer div which sits at the bottom of the screen (its fixed in place using absolute positioning)

Can I fill the space between the Header and Footer at 100%? I want my Sidebars and Content to fill the remaining height space between the Header and Footer. Also I would like the Content area to have a vertical scrollbar if the content inside it is more than the height of the screen.

So far I have managed to only fix the Header and Footer at the top and bottom respectively. I have also floated the Sidebar to the left and right of the screens and the Content div in the middle. They all work but my Sidebars and Content divs are not the full height of the remaining screen space.

I started a JSFiddle here but its not working correctly: http://jsfiddle.net/6YSuc

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Must Header and Footer be fixed at top or bottom, even if you scroll? –  Oriol Jun 14 at 13:47
@Oriol yes just like in a normal desktop application –  volume one Jun 14 at 13:58

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You need to assign position: relative to your elements so that they do not overlap each other. Also, assigning height: 100% to the parent element helps.

Here's a working jsfiddle.

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thanks for this. but I want the footer to be fixed to the bottom of the screen and never move. and I need the Content and Sidebar divs to not go 'under' or 'over' that Footer –  volume one Jun 14 at 15:27
You only have to change the position to fixed for the footer to achieve that. Whether the footer comes over or under the sidebar and content can be adjusted according to its z-index attribute. Here's an updated jsfiddle. –  Chirag64 Jun 14 at 16:36
After a lot of work using Firebug I managed to sort it. –  volume one Jun 14 at 17:49

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