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the function consume an action, return the same action, what's the purpose of it, it has neither side effect nor any transformation. Looks to me it doesn't nothing, like var a=a,how is it useful?

protected def composeAction[A](action: Action[A]): Action[A] = action
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By itself, it doesn't do anything, as you say. It's meant as a placeholder to be overridden when composing Actions, as described in the Play 2.2 release highlights :

We now provide an ActionBuilder trait for Scala applications that allows more powerful building of action stacks. For example:

object MyAction extends ActionBuilder[AuthenticatedRequest] {
  def invokeBlock[A](request: Request[A], block: (AuthenticatedRequest[A]) => Future[SimpleResult]) = {
      // Authenticate the action and wrap the request in an authenticated request
      getUserFromRequest(request).map { user =>
          block(new AuthenticatedRequest(user, request))
      } getOrElse Future.successful(Forbidden)

  // Compose the action with a logging action, a CSRF checking action, and an action that only allows HTTPS
  def composeAction[A](action: Action[A]) =
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