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We are building a SVG dynamically using AngularJS. Inside the SVG we use expressions to update values. This is working fine.

The Problem: If we remove a part of the SVG or the whole SVG, a Detached DOM Tree appears and - using Chrome Developer Tools - the (arrays), (compiled code) and (closures) are increasing a lot. They won't disappear anymore. Like this we get up several hundred thousand arrays and closures.

Part Solution: If we set $$watchers=null the detached DOM Tree at least is gone. The rest stays and keeps increasing.

Example for what we are doing:

$scope.removeFromSvg = function() {
  $scope.$$watchers = null;

$scope.addTextToSvg = function() {
  var htmlToCompile = '<text x="79" y="119">{{ data.testText }}</text>';
  var compiled = $compile(htmlToCompile);

What would be the correct way to remove part of or the whole SVG and have the expression listeners and data removed properly?

More general question: How can I remove any HTML-element containing an expression safely?

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