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Below is the er diagram of my Db ER-diagram I want to get all the results from table Subscription for given Subscription.ClientId with number of Assigned.ScreenId for each Subscription.RouteId for that Subscription.ClientId. I have tried the code below, I also tried adjusting relations but with no success, How can I do it in yii.

SELECT S. * , (


SELECT B.ScreenId, A.RouteId, B.clientId
FROM Screens AS A
INNER JOIN Assigned AS B ON A.ScreenId = B.ScreenId
) AS C
WHERE S.RouteId = C.RouteId
) AS couNTER
FROM Subscription AS S
LIMIT 0 , 30

Here is the link to sample!2/38f2e7 [note:I removed table subscribedscreens]

What i want as output is

RouteId ClientId NumScreen NumAds... (Count(assignedScreenid)for given route)
1        1                              2
2        1                              1
1        2                              1
2        2                              3
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consider providing some sample data in along with the expected result set to your question from the given sample data. – Abhik Chakraborty Jun 14 '14 at 14:53

Have a go with the below sql, and if the result is not what you're after then maybe clarify the results you were expecting.

-- SELECT subscription.SubscriptionId, client.clientId, assigned.ScreenId, route.RouteId
SELECT route.RouteId, client.clientId, COUNT(assigned.ScreenId)
FROM subscription
  LEFT JOIN client ON client.ClientId = subscription.ClientId
  LEFT JOIN assigned ON assigned.ClientId = client.ClientId
  LEFT JOIN route ON route.RouteId = subscription.RouteId
GROUP BY assigned.ScreenId


   2         1         4
   2         1         2
   2         1         6
   1         2         2
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