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I have in my DataStore 2 Entities more specifically the Entity1 with a @Unowned Relationship to Entity2 (in my case i used a java.util.List of entity2 objects). When i create the Endpoint showing the Entity1 i can only see simple fields (String, Integer…). How can i create a more complex List, or better, how can i fix this issue in order to see all the fields of my Entity Class?

The problem shows up only in the API Explorer, because i can see them in the Datastore.

I’ve never generate the Endpoints before concluding to write Entity1 and Entity2.

All my fields are Tagged with @Persistent, the List fields as well. Like this:

private List<fileld2> = null;

private List <field3> = null;

The Endpoints class is generated with the usual method: list, get, insert, update, remove. Nothing else. But theoretically, calling the list method i would get the entire Entity with all the fields, but they don’t show up.

Could anyone help me please? Thank you so much developers!

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