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I'm looking for effective way to empty a live(active) hornet queue. I have attempted following methods

  • using jboss-cli ( first you need to connect to jboss using connect localhost:port if have bind jboss to an IP specify the IP e.g connect )


    but this doesn't seem to perform the action required which is clearing the queue cause answer is

    { "outcome" => "success", "result" => 0 }

    this means that 0 messages were cleared. so this method is not effective to my experince

  • Consume the queue using a queue consumer, this is the method which would work but my requirement is to not empty queue programmatically but if there is no other method this would be my last resort.

  • Empty the file which stores the queue messages and empty the file, I'm not sure whether this is possible but as to my knowledge JBOSS is not storing it's queue in a Database anymore but uses some sort of other data structure my guess is its using a file system. However I was not able to find such file or data structure so far I'm going to discuss it on hornetQ forums. I'm hoping if someone encountered similar issue previously could shed some light on this matter.

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