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I wrote some notes on some papers I've read in an Emacs org file so that I can recall what's in those papers by simply walk through my notes. However, for some reasons, I need to print only parts of the notes (I export org file to LaTeX, and it print the pdf file). Of course I can make a replication of that file and delete all the contents I don't need, but I want to know if it is possible to keep writing notes on that file while still being able to print only parts of them in the future. These parts are not continuous. What I imagine is like an #ifndef in C.

Thanks in advance.

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org-mode supports selective export through tags. If you have one or more subtrees in your .org file that are tagged with :export:, the org-mode exporter will include only those in the exported file. To add tags to a subtree, press C-c C-c anywhere on its headline, enter one or more tags (separated by :) and press RET.

For any file that has a number of subtrees tagged for export you can instruct org-mode to export everything by adding the following in-buffer setting to the top of your .org file:

#+EXCLUDE_TAGS: export

You do not have to remove the :export: tags.

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Thanks! Though I hoped to export parts in a single headline, this is helpful for I can actually add more headlines... – lastland Jun 15 '14 at 13:19

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