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When I Run this code

import 'dart:html';

void main()
  var button=new Element.tag('button');
  button.text="Press me please";
    List buttonList=querySelectorAll("button");
    window.alert("There is ${buttonList.length} button");


Dart Editor return :

Breaking on exception: Class 'ElementEvents' has no instance getter 'click'.

This code is a example from "Dart in action" I don't know what is the error.

Best regards

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You can either use

button.onClick.listen((event) { ... });


button.on['click'].listen((event) { ... });

You should prefer the first option. The second is for custom events where 'dart:html' doesn't offer explicit access methods.

If you want to cancel the subscription later

StreamSubscription btnClickSubscr = button.onClick.listen((event) { ... });

if(btnClickSubscr != null) {

you can also create a button using

new ButtonElement(); // instead of new Element.tag('button');
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