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I am facing a problem under gulp for a simple task. I don't find a way to exclude all files from a folder excluding that ones which are in a specific child folder.

Here is how my files are organized :


I am trying to get all files included in app (only file4.txt in my example) and in the app/js/admin folder (no the one in js that are not in admin).

Here is my glob syntax :

['public/app/js/admin/**/*.txt', '!public/app/js/**', 'public/app/**']

With this command, it only return file4.txt and an empty js folder.

Thanks for your help !

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Looks like this is somewhat of an ongoing issue.

I used Aaron Bushnell's example which in this case would be.

['public/app/js/admin/**/*.txt', '!public/app/{js,js/**}', 'public/app/**']
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