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Which of the following URLs would be better for SEO purposes:

  1. www.mysite.com/library/guides/1/topic-title
  2. www.mysite.com/guides/1/topic-title

Basically all my guidebooks come under the Library section. So my SEO-friendly URL has been written to include it as a folder. But I noticed many sites use very short URLs such as www.mysite.com/home-insurance rather than www.mysite.com/insurance-products/home-insurance even the though the latter follows the actual structure of the site better.

Does it make any SEO difference to do this? To basically flatten the site structure by removing hierarchical folders in the URL where possible?

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When it comes to urls for SEO, it's best to go short and to the point. Search engines don't want lengthy urls because

  1. Anyone can make a long url and fill it with desirable keywords
  2. A short url is directly about your site without extra information

That said, the difference between the two urls will not have a ton of bearing on seo. For more info on the influence of urls in SEO, you can read here

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You mentioned that your first option follows the structure of the site better. If you have an actual page at: - www.mysite.com/library/

Then it might be better for you to use the longer URL. A lot of people like to go back to previous parts of a website by deleting parts of the URL. Therefor it's very important to make sure that people are able to do that.

@Etangins is right however that shorter URL's are better in general whenever it's possible. Try to think from the user perspective instead of from a search engine perspective.

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I'll stick with the full URL in that case because there is a page at www.mysite.com/library. Thanks Wesley –  volume one Jun 16 '14 at 9:24

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