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I'm attempting to back up a cloud server that has a service constantly running that updates specific directories with files. When trying to tarball the server root directory, it throws an error saying it some files changed during the process and I assume it stopped when that error occured.

Is there an alternative, more elegant way to archive and eventually compress a servers root directory if its dynamic and download it to the local machine?

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You can instruct GNU tar to keep going even in this situation, btw. –  Joe Jun 14 '14 at 20:46

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You can try --warning=no-file-changed (and not --ignore-failed-read, regardless of what many blogs/online sources say). Even with such option, I still get an exit code of non-zero and I am giving up at trying to understand tar.

I would like to know the answer to your question myself; I know there is pax, but never fiddled with it.

Personally I advise you to use snapshots (if possible) and run tar on such snapshots.

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