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How to convert DateTime to Local Date Format?

Example: date: 1/25/2014 12:00:00 AM This date is US format but in my machine I use TR format 25/1/2014 and also assume that another machine use another format Example: 2014/1/25

How can I convert this date to local date format programmaticaly?

I am using java version 1.7 and i want to use java.util.Calendar

Thanks in advance.

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you mean from 1/25/2014 to 25/1/2014? –  Rod_Algonquin Jun 14 at 21:04
Which java version?? pre 1.8 ? –  isi Jun 14 at 21:06
It's not obvious what you are asking about. Joda-Time, the Java 8 date API or something completely different. Please clarify your question; preferably with a simple code example that illustrates your issue. –  Boris the Spider Jun 14 at 21:09
@isi yes i am using 1.7 –  HurkanSeyhan Jun 14 at 21:09
My advice to you, would be to not use the calendar at all if possible switch to java 1.8 or add a library called joda.time which is merged into java 1.8 as the new standard. pre 1.8 really easy things were difficult to achive, take a look at JSR310 –  isi Jun 14 at 21:19

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