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What I want to achieve is a highlight function, where a search engine returns the right piece of HTML and the right bit of text is highlighted. So far it works. But in this text are also HTML-tags included, so if someone does a search on the letters "li" of "l" for example, the highlight function (which put a span around the word being found), breaks the tags, in this case the li tag. Because it would place a span tag around the l or i. This, of course messes up the whole page. So, I made a regular expression that would match all HTML-tags, and it does it!


As only the search item should match and NOT the HTMLtag, I made it like this,


This is the line in JavaScript to create the regex, where "str" is the string to be highlighted.

var regex = new RegExp("((?!<[^<]*>)("+str+"))","gi");

I build up the RegExp in a Regex tester, and there all is fine, but still in execution of the script, a search for "li" or a search that encounters a tag with the same letters, results in a page messed up.

Anyone could explain me what I am doing wrong?

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He comes. The <center> will not hold it is too late. –  Benjamin Gruenbaum Jun 14 '14 at 22:52

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