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Regarding TJvRichEdit and Delphi... How?

  1. Load/Save rtf (including text and images - not only .bmp) to/from a file?
  2. Read/Write rtf (including text and images - not only .bmp) to/from Firebird blob field?
  3. Automatically convert screendump pasted from clipboard (Ctrl-V) into .jpg format before it is inserted into the TJvRichEdit rtf?

Guidance/advice, examples/code and useful URLs are all helpful. Thanks.

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The JEDI Online Help at help.delphi-jedi.org is not useful. Reading the source code in JvRichEdit.pas was helpful but I was still left with a lot of questions. –  Sam Mar 11 '10 at 5:29

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Regarding 3 i would advice to create bitmap load from clipboard (see LoadFromClipboardFormat, SaveToClipboardFormat), convert to jpeg save to clipboard, richedit paste from clipboard,

Converting from bitmap to jpeg:

Jpg := TJPEGImage.Create;
jpg.CompressionQuality := 50;
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As far as the blob field goes, use a tBlobStream and the components SaveToStream / LoadFromStream methods. For a file, use a tFileStream with the same methods.

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Found a demo (..\jvcl\examples\JvRichEdit\EditorDemo.dpr) that comes with the JVCL download. It compiles and runs and looks like it may contain the code that answers part 1 of the question.

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