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I followed this instruction to make my ASP.NET MVC4 run on my Raspberry Pi(model B): Raspberry Pi Mono MVC Razor View Engine XSP / FastCgi / Lighttpd Implementation

The only difference is I compile Mono 3.4.x, XSP, and Mono-FastCGI from Git.

The performance of it running under Lighttpd/FastCGI is horrible, specially on its first run or whenever it became idle. Unlike on XSP4 where there is a slow loading time on first access but things will become a lot faster even if it became idle overnight.

I thought FastCGI is using XSP for serving ASP.NET pages, but why is the performance is slow under under Lighttpd with Mono-FastCGI but almost smooth on XSP4? Is there something I have to configure on Lighttpd and Mono-FastCGI to attain same performance as XSP4?

This is my first time using Lighttpd with ASP.NET/Mono, only Apache2 + mod_mono. Tried Nginx too on RPi but still have this performance issue, worse than what I experience than Lighttpd.

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