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Weird issue. Can't connect to localhost MySQL database from command line, but I can through MySQL program, Sequel Pro. Any ideas why? I entered the same user/password, but I'm getting a access denied error for root@localhost

Extra question: can you run MySQL commands within Sequel Pro? I'm pretty new to MySQL, but I'm just trying to change a simple column definition.

EDIT: reset password from within Sequel Pro query for root, and was able to get it working.

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MySQL has different accesses. You can allow a MySQL database to only serve requests from a specific machine, or only from the local machine.

However, note that MySQL differentiates login from "localhost" and from "".

Try allowing both localhost, and "%" to the account.

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EDIT: Thought this was correct, but it's actually still not working. Still getting access denied. –  blunatic Jun 15 at 6:22

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