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I was wondering how it's possible to determine if a PowerShell script has been launched from within the Windows PowerShell ISE by clicking Play, or if it has been launched by a scheduled task or something else?

By searching I found the variable $MyInvocation.CommandOrigin, is this something that could to the trick? Thank you for your advice.

I also found the following from here but it's not really determining if it's executed in the ISE or not:

if ($MyInvocation.InvocationName -eq ‘&‘) {
    “Called using operator“
} elseif ($MyInvocation.InvocationName -eq ‘.‘) {
    “Dot sourced“
} elseif ((Resolve-Path -Path ` 
    $MyInvocation.InvocationName).ProviderPath -eq `
    $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path) {
    “Called using path $($MyInvocation.InvocationName)“
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You can check for the presence of the $PSISE variable. It is only present in ISE and is $null or undefined in the console.

#In the console this will output False
#In the ISE this will output True
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From a Scheduled Task this will also output False I presume. Thank you :) –  DarkLite1 Jun 30 at 6:59

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