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can someone please tell me whether this is the correct way of doing type casting in objective c.

I have an object "myObject" which could possibly be an instance of "DataViewController". If so i should call the "updateView" method.

if (myObject respondsToSelector:@selector(updateView:)])
    [(DataViewController *)myObject updateView:data];
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You do not need a cast in this case: since you've started down the selector path, you might as well call performSelector:withObject: for consistency:

if (myObject respondsToSelector:@selector(updateView:)]) {
    [myObject performSelector:@selector(updateView:) withObject:data];

This is a more general approach, because it lets you run updateView on objects of other types, not necessarily of DataViewController, as long as they have the appropriate method.

If you would like to use a type-based solution, you could use isKindOfClass: method, like this:

if (myObject isKindOfClass:[DataViewController class]]) {
    DataViewController *ctrl = (DataViewController)myObject;
    [ctrl updateView:data];
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Thank's for your help! –  user3211074 Jun 15 '14 at 10:58

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