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I have a problem with Google indexing.

The scenario:

  • I have domain1 on a multidomains hosting

  • domain1 have a ssl cetificate and a dedicated ip

  • I have domain2 and domain3 on providerX

  • and domain4 on providerY

  • I set the dns for domain2, domain3 and domain4 to point them on multidomains hosting

The problem:

  • In the Google SERP of domain4 I have ttps://domain4.it/domain3.it

Can someone help me to solve the problem?

I thought to make a redirect from




What do you think about? It is possible and if yes, it is a good idea?

In the case of affermative answer, can someone tell me how I can make this redirect?

Thank's in advance for your help,

p.s. I have not included 'h' at the start of urls because I am not able to post more than two links

p.p.s I have started my post with "Hi All", but the system delete it

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