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I need to build QtCreator with MinGW. I use Qt 5.3.0 and MinGW-w64 4.9.0. Qt 5.3.0 was built with the same compiler. Everything goes well until mingw32-make command, which ends with such error:

debug/moc_aggregate.o:moc_aggregate.cpp:(.rdata$_ZTVN11Aggregation9AggregateE[__ ZTVN11Aggregation9AggregateE]+0x34): undefined reference to '__ZN7QObject16disco nnectNotifyERK11QMetaMethod' collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status Makefile.Debug:78: recipe for target '..\..\..\lib\qtcreator\Aggregationd.dll' f ailed mingw32-make[4]: *** [..\..\..\lib\qtcreator\Aggregationd.dll] Error 1 mingw32-make[4]: Leaving directory 'C:/Qt/Qt_Creator/src/libs/aggregation' Makefile:34: recipe for target 'debug' failed mingw32-make[3]: *** [debug] Error 2 mingw32-make[3]: Leaving directory 'C:/Qt/Qt_Creator/src/libs/aggregation' Makefile:54: recipe for target 'sub-aggregation-make_first' failed mingw32-make[2]: *** [sub-aggregation-make_first] Error 2 mingw32-make[2]: Leaving directory 'C:/Qt/Qt_Creator/src/libs' Makefile:41: recipe for target 'sub-libs-make_first-ordered' failed mingw32-make[1]: *** [sub-libs-make_first-ordered] Error 2 mingw32-make[1]: Leaving directory 'C:/Qt/Qt_Creator/src' Makefile:39: recipe for target 'sub-src-make_first-ordered' failed mingw32-make: *** [sub-src-make_first-ordered] Error 2

What does it mean? And how it can be fixed?

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