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I have taken an image in height 2 meters of the ground as the original image and I want to simulate another image in 50 cms of the ground from the scene.

The focal length of my camera is 3.7 mm (f = 3.7).

I have used from planar homography H = k'*(eye(3) - ((t*n')/d))*inv(k) for each plane in original image in matlab where in the camera coordinate system, x axis is perpendicular to buildings in the right side of the ground, y axis is parallel to the ground, and hence z axis is upward perpendicular to the ground and the origin is camera location in original image and k is 3x3 camera calibration matrix [f 0 0;0 f 0;0 0 1] and t is transfer matrix [0 0 -1.5] and n is normal vector of plane and d is plane distance to the origin and eye(3) is camera rotation.

For example, the plane of the ground has n=[0 0 1] and d = 2, Is it true?

Please help me for other planes (sky, buildings) implementation in matlab.

My images are in here.

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See this answer in the DSP forum: dsp.stackexchange.com/questions/16855/… –  Francesco Callari Jun 16 at 16:35
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