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I need to customise a generic Internal block diagram to show customer specific variants. A simple tag based discrimination mechanism is used to suppress non relevant flows and allocated operations.

I have written a Java plug-in to iterate over the IBD’s encapsulated IRPGraphElements, examining their associated type and acting appropriately.

Manipulation of the flows is working fine, but I am having a lot of problems with the allocated operations – in summary I have 2 problems…

  1. I cannot get a handle to the “AllocatedFrom” compartment

  2. And therefore I cannot get to the IRPCollection containing the references to the actual operations.

Problem 1.

I have examined both the Rhapsody Java api documentation (!!!) and Java objects at runtime trying to discover the appropriate method(s) to invoke.

As it is a purely presentational issue (I do not want to suppress underlying allocations between model elements) I guess it is some kind of graphical property & I had thought it would be ObjectModelGe oriented.

I have looked at the properties mentioned in the Diagram package of the SysML profile.

Within General::Graphics I can see the AdditionalCompartments property mentions (amongst other things) AllocatedFrom

However within ObjectModelGe::Object I see that the Compartments property only mentions Operation – do I need to add AllocatedFrom to this property?

Problem 2.

Even if I get access to the compartment I am not sure what methods will be available to access the collection – there appears no interface defined for compartments. Looking in the .sbs file I can see that it is of type IRPYRawContainer but I cannot find any documentation on this.

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