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I have a cell array containing functions (with function handle) and I want to evaluate these inside a for-loop. I want to evaluate the differential equations: x1'= x2, x2' = ax2-bx1

My code is like this:

init = [0,0];
F = {@(x1,x2) x2,@(x1,x2)(a*x2-b*x1)};
X0 = init;

for i=1:10
   X = X0 + c*F(init(1),init(2));
   X0 = X;
   init[1] = {X(1)};
   init[2] = {X(2)};

The constants a,b and c are given.

I get the error:

Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.

Can someone help me with this?

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which line is causing the error? Please do some initial debugging yourself by adding print statements or so. –  Bas Swinckels Jun 15 '14 at 14:09

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First of all, there are two other problems with your code: c is not defined and you are trying to index into init with []-brackets, which will throw:

Error: File: foo Line: 8 Column: 8
Unbalanced or unexpected parenthesis or bracket. 

The subscript error occurs because you are trying to access F(0,0) because init(1) and init(2) are 0. Remember that the way you declared F, it is a cell array:

>> F = {@(x1,x2) x2,@(x1,x2)(a*x2-b*x1)};
>> whos F
  Name      Size            Bytes  Class    Attributes

  F         1x2               288  cell  

Hence, F(0,0) is illegal because indexes in matlab start with 1. Your functions reside in F{1} and F{2}.

>> F{1}
ans = 
>> F{2}
ans = 
>> f = F{1}
f = 
>> f(0,0)
ans =
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F is a 1x2 cell array. To access elements (in your case, function handles) within this array you must use the curly braces {} to do so. For example, the first function is retrieved by F{1} and the second by F{2} using positive integer indices.

In your example, init is a 1x2 array of zeros so when the code evaluates


it is trying to access something within F using indices that are not positive. Hence the error.

I suspect that you will need to do something like the following in your for loop and evaluate each function separately

for i=1:10
    for j=1:2
        % get the jth function handle
        func = F{j};

        % evaluate
        X(j) =  X0(j) + c*func(init(1),init(2));

        % save 

I've left the save* portion to be filled in by you because it isn't all that clear to me why there are the different init,X0 and X variables - could you consolidate them?

Note also your mixture of [] and () brackets when accessing arrays. In MATLAB, if the array is of type cell, then we use the {} to access elements. For all other arrays, we use the () brackets.

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