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I have a function in R that actually takes input a string and manipulates it's contents.

Let's assume this function:

myfunc <- function (string, ...., .... )

What I want to do is, I want to read the strings from a text file and store it in a data frame. Then, I want to call a function ( which I will have a loop I know ), to which I will pass my data frame, and it should print the contents of the whole file using the function that I just defined.

It will be something like ( assuming n to be the number of strings in the file )

 myfunc2 <- function (dataframe,... , ... )
      for ( i in n:1 )

But, this doesn't work. Please help!

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So, you want to read in the contents of a text file and print it to the screen?? readLines(x) – jbaums Jun 15 '14 at 14:11
That is not my actual task. I just made a sample function. What I am trying to ask is, how can I pass an entire data frame to a function and then that function should be able to access the data in that data frame. What will be the syntax for that and how should I then call the function so that it is executed on every row of my file. – user3730341 Jun 15 '14 at 14:20
@user3730341 you are looking or apply( from the comment) but the question is really really really unclear. From the comment you want to apply a function to each row, the question is to apply a function to each string in the file... – agstudy Jun 15 '14 at 14:21
Yup, sounds like it: apply(df, 1, fun). – jbaums Jun 15 '14 at 14:23
^ take a close look at ?apply - it's all there :) – jbaums Jun 15 '14 at 14:29

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