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I code a script who allows to send a packet with Scapy on IP address with a chosen destination port.

I want to receive a response of the sent packet.

For example if the packets are sent, I want to receive a response ...

I send a simple 20 bytes packets: to send the packet for instance on the 161 port I coded this

data ="\x14"
packet = IP(dst=adresseip)/UDP(sport=161,dport=161)/Raw(load=data) 

But how to receive a response of the sent packet?

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scapy's sr() function will do that for you. it sends a packet(s) and waits for response. or, after send()ing packet you can sniff() for responses.

here's a simple example of using sr():

>>> pingr = IP(dst="")/ICMP()
>>> sr(pingr)
Begin emission:
.Finished to send 1 packets.
Received 2 packets, got 1 answers, remaining 0 packets
(<Results: TCP:0 UDP:0 ICMP:1 Other:0>, <Unanswered: TCP:0 UDP:0 ICMP:0 Other:0>)
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