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I am doing another project on - named Titanic machine learning from disaster. The task is basically to predict whether a person would survive or not based on some features namely:

"PassengerId" "Survived" "Pclass" "Name" "Sex" "Age" "SibSp" "Parch" "Ticket" "Fare" "Cabin" "Embarked"

Some of which are self explanatory, for the others I would like to highlight:

SibSp basically tells the aggregate number of Siblings and/or Spouse with that particular person on the deck

Pclass tells the class of the person to which he/she belongs and there are three classes 1, 2, 3 (1-highest, 3-lowest)

Parch - tells the aggregate number of Parent and children of that particular person on the deck, Ticket tells the ticket number of that person,

Cabin tells the cabin in which the person was staying(nothing is mentioned about the class of the cabins whether they are good or not and this particular column along with age has a lot of missing values)

Embarked tells the port of boarding and it has basically three ports C = Cherbourg; Q = Queenstown; S = Southampton(not sure how to use this information). Now I have two questions:

Q1) Although there is no restriction on using what kind of classification algorithm, I was thinking of building decision tree first and then later on move to other classification algorithms, nevertheless there is one problem. When I am using the name field for extracting out the title of the person say (Mr, Miss, Mrs, Master) I am faced with errors in the test set that this particular field has more levels for e.g. the test set also contains names with titles like Dr., Col. etc and I am not very clear how to handle this particular question. The reason I am doing this is because since sex only tells us the gender of that person, the title also reflects the age of that person for e.g. Master and Mr. both are males but the probability of Master being saved is high than that of Mr.

Q2) The other problem is that since the data contains aggregate number of Siblings and Spouse and aggregate number of Parents and children of any particular person on the deck, I am having difficulty on how to separate them in to individual fields. I am thinking that if a given person is a female and she has a child on board then the probability of both of them being saved is gonna be high, now if using the name field I can associate people with their relationships I think I will probably have a good model. Please correct me if my chain of thought is correct or not.

I thank you guys for your help and guidance.

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Reads more like a stream of consciousness than a chain of thought, to be honest. Would be better if it was not a single huge paragraph. – Don Reba Jun 15 '14 at 15:34
I would agree that its more a stream of consciousness primarily because the dataset is quite small and I was trying to increase the number of features for better prediction, I segregated paragraphs hope thats' helpful :) – user37940 Jun 15 '14 at 15:51

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