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I have the following URL in Code Igniter:


  • News: the controller name
  • id: a parameter used to retrieve the corresponding news from DB

This would render a news with this id (also with title and body, etc.) I need to display (and only display) the url as this alias.

How can I do it?

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Using PHP is_numeric function

is_numeric — Finds whether a variable is a number or a numeric string

public function news($parameter)

    // If the parameter is number, fetch data with id.
    if ( is_numeric($parameter) ){        
        $news = $this->db->from('news')
                         ->where('id', $id)
    // Otherwise, fetch data with title
        $news = $this->db->from('news')
                         ->where('title', $title)

    // Render them
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