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i have a project say MyProject. It is an asp.net MVC project. In bin directory, i have deleted a DLL named MyProject.dll. Now when i try to build the project, i am getting following error.

The name MyProject does not exist in the current context.

In my view files and controller, there are a lot of code like




how to build this solution?

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obviously, the MyProject.dll is the compiled code of the MyProject instance. WHy did you delete it?

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@Martin When i build the project, the DLL is not updated in bin folder. it was still old and i was unable to see my code updates. so i removed the DLL. After removing, i got the problem that I described in question. –  developer Mar 11 '10 at 7:29
if its a separate project, reference that project file to the main project. –  Martin Ongtangco Mar 11 '10 at 7:51
it is an asp.net mvc project. –  developer Mar 11 '10 at 12:52

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