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again I've got a question about Kohana and how I am supposed to use model functions.

I want to move parts of a controller function into a more appropriate model to be able to access this function from additional controllers. (From what I have read so far I conclude that calling the controller function from a different controller is considered bad architecture). My problem is that depending on several circumstances (i.e. model parameters) this controller function creates a log entry in a different database table and sends an email to some users.

How am I supposed to create this log entry and send the mails if main functionality resides inside the model? Should I instantiate the second model from within the first, call the log function and afterwards send the mails exactly how I did from my controller?

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like you may be better off creating a Library class. This would just be a regular class created in the classes/libraries directory of your application. Within the library your methods can perform logic and call models, and be accessible from any controller. –  cdbconcepts Jun 16 at 14:28
That sounds interesting. I will try it. Am I right that for the future I should use library functions whenever I need the implementation in more than one controller and it is not only model related? –  Apollo13 Jun 17 at 5:27
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