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I've written some software for a customer, and I'd like to release it to them under a license that permits them to make modifications for their own in-house use, but still prohibits them from selling or otherwise redistributing the software after I've given it to them. Can someone point me to a license that either has this effect or could with slight modification? Thanks.

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I know of no such license, and Googling for licenses gives a bazillion hits on the GPL and Open Source licenses...

You could try to look at Free Software Foundations rundown on non-free licenses, and see if there is a close match to what you want to achieve.

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I would think that the license used by component developers that include source code might suffice. I'm guessing this is a commercial license you are looking for rather than a GPL or similar.

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Why not just write a proprietary license of your own?

I don't think you'll be able to use any of the existing published and explained licenses, since these are geared toward sharing and that's exactly what you're trying to avoid.

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